Wine Bottle Olive Oil Dispenser

Do you come here often?  If you do, you already know that I get on kicks...sometimes I'll do ten chalkboard projects in a row, or six hair accessory posts in a row, three glass painting posts in a row, or now...two wine bottle posts in a row.  I discover a way to use something, then I go a little bonkers.  Last week, I made this Wine Bottle Dishsoap Dispenser.  I made that, then my brain started trying to figure out what else I can make using a wine, the wine bottle olive oil dispenser was born.
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It's so easy to make, I'm kind of wondering why it took me so long to do it.  You will need an empty wine bottle, a pour spout that fits in the top, and olive oil.  The other embellishments are up to you.
I chose to leave the labels on this bottle, and cover them with twine.  Start by dabbing hot glue in one spot.  Place the beginning of your twine there, and hold in place until the glue has hardened.
Start winding the twine around and pushing it together tightly.  Once you have twisted it all the way to the top, place another dab of hot glue and hold the end of the twine in place until the glue hardens.
I of course had to take it just a bit further.  I just love pretty things, so I thought adding a Rolled Flower Rosette would add a little extra prettiness...don't you think so?
And now I have a pretty olive oil dispenser!  You don't have to use a wine bottle, of course.  There are so many pretty bottles out there now...just go wild!

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