How to Make Glitter In Glass Ornaments

Handmade Christmas ornaments are so fun to make and give as gifts! This tutorial showing how to make glitter in glass ornaments is easy to follow and you can make them in any color you like. It takes the mess out of glitter ornaments by making the glitter stick to the inside...once you make these, you can decorate them in so many ways! They are fun for the family and kids to make together!

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Ornaments Using Glitter in Glass Ornaments

Once you learn to make glitter in glass ornaments, you can make so many other ornaments too! These ornaments use the base glitter in glass ornaments with added details and are so fun to make with your family!

How to Make Christmas Ornaments Video

What do you need to make glitter in glass ornaments?

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to Make Christmas Ornaments with the Glitter Inside

  1. Gather your supplies.

  2. Cover your work area with plastic or wax paper.

    The floor polish will stick to whatever it lands on and can ruin furniture and paint.

  3. Remove the tops of the ornaments and set aside.

  4. Pour floor polish into the ornament.

    A little goes a long way, so pour just a little bit inside. Place your thumb or finger on the top and swish it around. Pour excess polish into a bowl or back into the floor polish container.

  5. Pour glitter into the ornament.

    A little goes a long way again, and you can use the funnel to make sure the glitter doesn't spill.

  6. Shake well and remove excess glitter.

    Place your finger or thumb on the opening of the ornament and shake well, making sure the glitter coats the entire inner surface. Shake out excess glitter into a bowl or other container.

  7. Replace top of ornament.

  8. Hang on your tree using a hook, string or ribbon.

Here is an example of another color that I used to make these glitter inside glass ornaments! I love them in any color, but there is just something about the red glass ornaments that screams Christmas cheer!