Non Alcoholic Lemon Berry Sprinkle Mocktail Recipe

Non Alcoholic Lemon Berry Sprinkle Mocktail Recipe - Perfect for a baby shower or baby sprinkle party!

I'm so excited to share this delicious Lemon Berry Sprinkle Mocktail Recipe with you today! My friends at Vocal Point and Luvs who are sponsoring this post asked me to come up with a great drink idea for a Baby Sprinkle, and I knew this would be perfect! (All photos, ideas and opinions are my own)

What is a Baby Sprinkle you ask? It's a small version of a baby shower for a mom and her second or third child. The idea is to sprinkle the mom with a few necessities instead of showering her with everything you would need for a first child. I love that idea!

This lemon berry sprinkle mocktail is sure to please your guests!


Start by adding two scoops of raspberry sherbet to a glass jar or regular glass.


Next, add some strawberry lemonade to your glass to about an inch from the top. The sherbet will float to the top!

Lemon Berry Sprinkle Mocktail - No Alcohol - Perfect For Baby Showers, Baby Sprinkles and Birthday Parties

Now add a splash of lemon-lime soda. Once your sherbet reaches the top of the glass, sprinkle with your favorite sprinkles and add a straw!

Baby Shower or Sprinkle Mocktail Punch

This is the perfect drink for a baby sprinkle or shower! It's alcohol free so even kiddos can enjoy it...I think it's a nice modern version of the typical punch that is served at a baby shower, and the sprinkles make it even better!

The Perfect Mocktail Recipe for a Baby Shower or Baby Sprinkle

I hope you enjoy this mocktail recipe!

Happy sprinkling!

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