Rudolph Coffee Cup Sweater and An Ugly Sweater Party



I love a good cup of coffee, especially from good ole Starbucks! We have collected quite a few of their reusable cups, and thought it would be fun to make our own coffee sleeves! So, this cute little Rudolph Coffee Cup Sweater was born!

I'm also participating in a fun little Ugly Christmas Sweater Party with a few bloggy friends, so be sure to check out the other fun projects at the end of this post!



I started out with a marker a left over sleeve, some felt and a wooden reindeer silhouette.


First, I traced the sleeve, and made it taller so my reindeer head would fit on. Then I cut it out.



I also traced and cut out the reindeer head in a different color.




I wrapped the felt sleeve around one of my cups and hot glued the two ends together so it fit snug around my cup and can easily be pulled off and back on again.


I sprayed the back of the reindeer head with spray glue or adhesive and applied it to the front of my cup sleeve.



Cute, right? Now, how about a little red glittery nose? Just draw a round circle of glue where Rudolph's nose should be and sprinkle on some red glitter!


Now. let's see the other fun Ugly Sweater Projects...