Frosted Glass Snowflake Ornament

Last week, I bought some frosted glass spray paint for another project I am working on.  It was sitting on the table next to some glass bulbs that I was using to make last minute glitter in glass ornaments when it hit me...I could totally use the spray and make an ornament for my Christmas tree.  So I grabbed up a few supplies to try it out...
I put a hook on one of the glass ornaments so I would be able to hang it for even spraying.
Then I used a small snowflake punch and some leftover vinyl to cut out little snowflake stickers.
I stuck them randomly on the ornament.
Then, I took the ornament outside, hung it from a shepherd's hook and sprayed 3 light coats of the frosted glass spray, allowing it to dry between coats.
I pulled the stickers off, and hung it on my sweet is that!  I think it looks like it was left out in the cold over night and frosted over...

Merry Christmas!


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