Pool Noodle Party Time!!!

Are you ready to Party???

I have been so excited for this day to come so I can see what you have created with pool noodles!

Let me just tell ya, I had a time with mine...like a hard time figuring out what in the world to do with it.

First, I thought I would make 2 or 3 pool noodle projects, then life and vacation happened, and I wondered if I would even get around to making 1 project!

My first project wasn’t necessarily a fail, but it was pretty lame, so I settled on a wreath...actually the easiest wreath ever made...not perfect by any means, but cute.  And since it’s the first wreath I have ever made, I am pretty pleased that it isn’t lopsided!

Here is how I made mine...

1. I bent my noodle into a circle and duck taped it together...classy, I know!

2. I ripped strips of fabric (my old curtains) and wrapped them around the noodle. I simply pinned them to the noodle...no glue required!

3. I made 3 different sized coffee filter flowers and pinned them to the noodle.

4. I made 3 rolled flower rosettes and pinned them in the middle of the coffee filter flowers.

That’s it...no glue, just a noodle, some duck tape, old fabric, coffee filters, and pins...to easy!!!

Now for the coolest party on the planet!!!
You can link up here at Mom 4 Real, 

Link back to the party in your post so everyone can party, K?

Thank you ladies so much for letting me party with you...I love you girls...my Fairy Blog Mothers!


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