How To Make Snow Cream With 2 Ingredients

This tutorial showing How To Make Snow Cream with 2 Ingredients is a game changer...your kids are going to love it as much as ice cream!
How To Make Snow Cream With 2 Ingredients - It's sugar free too!

We are snowed in. We've been snowed in all week, and are likely to be snowed in for a few more days. So, what do you do when you've been snowed in for a gazillion days and are sick of watching movies, and it's just 3 degrees outside, so you can't play in the snow? You make Snow Cream! I'm just going to be honest here...I've never had snow cream until now. I searched Pinterest trying to find a good snow cream recipe, but they were all filled with sugar, and I am taking a break from sugar. So, I thought, hmmm....what do I have in the fridge that is sweet tasting and also creamy? I always have International Delight Coffee Creamer on hand, so I grabbed it up and got to work. Let me show you how to make snow cream that's sugar free and only requires two ingredients!


You will need a large bowl of snow...around 4 cups. If you don't trust the cleanliness of snow or live where it doesn't snow, then you can use shaved ice from your blender. I am using my Kitchenaid mixer to make mine, but you really only need a whisk.


My secret ingredient is flavored coffee creamer...I use fat free and sugar free. You can use any flavor you like, but I am in love with French Vanilla and Peppermint Mocha flavors.


Pour about 1 cup of your creamer into the snow while whisking or stirring. If your mixture is too flaky, add a little more creamer. If it's a bit too creamy, just add more snow. Once it looks like frosted ice cream, scoop out and enjoy! You can add sprinkles or chocolate syrup if you like, but eat melts pretty quickly!


I am so happy this worked for me! I have been craving ice cream, and this was totally guilt free! Added bonus: the kids and Matt loved it, so since we have an endless amount of snow here, we can eat snow cream for days!


Happy snow cream making, friends...and just in case you need it, check out my 2 Ingredient Car De-Icer Spray HERE!