Keep Bugs Out Of Your Drink ~ Tip of the Day

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I like to share tips and tricks that make our lives a little easier, but some of those tips seam a little to simple to share…or so I thought. Sometimes I get a question about and issue or problem that one of my readers is having and I think…well, no need to write an entire post to answer the question, I’ll just answer them in an email. Then a friend and I had a conversation about whether it was really necessary to share simple things, and the answer we came up with was, YES!

Why not share the simple tips and tricks that we know with one another? And…if it’s super simple and easy, even better!

So, I am going to be sharing a simple Tip of the Day every weekday from here on out in addition to my other posts. I’ll be sharing the more complicated, tutorial based, pretty stuff in posts too, but you’ll be getting the bonus of a simple tip or trick that you can pin for later, bookmark, or even just write down somewhere! Sound good?

Today's Tip of the Day is...

Use a Cupcake Liner To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Drink!

Keep Bugs Out of Your Drink With a Cupcake Liner

I love enjoying a nice glass of lemonade on my patio while reading a book or magazine...what I don't love is when pesky little bugs decide to take a swim in my drink! To keep the bugs out, simply take a cupcake liner, turn it upside down and poke a hole in it, sit it on top of your glass and insert straw! This simple tip will keep the bugs out of your drinks and is super cute too...I can imagine a whole party tray full of these...heck, you could even use a sharpie to write names on the tops so your guests don't get their drinks mixed up!

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