How To Get A Clean Refrigerator No Matter How Sticky The Mess Is

How To Get A Clean Refrigerator No Matter How Sticky The Mess Is

In the interest of keeping it really real here, I am going to share a story with you that will likely shame my whole family. Sorry, Mom! maybe 3 months ago (maybe more), I noticed that something had leaked down the back of my refrigerator and pooled in the bottom of the fridge. I grabbed a towel to clean it up, but it was sooo sticky and I was in a bit of a rush to get somewhere. Probably Target. We were having friends over for dinner that evening, so I hid the mess by placing a kitchen towel at the bottom of the drawer and moved on. I promised myself I would clean it up the next day. I didn't. I just acted like it wasn't there. Oh, the shame! I'm supposed to be the girl who tells everyone how to clean things, and I have been living a lie this entire time. Hanging my head here! Well, today, we purchased a new refrigerator, so this one will be moving to the garage. I have to face the will be ignored no longer. husband saw it. He just looked at me and said, "Really, Jess? That's just gross." Okay, my friends...prepare to be grossed out, and please don't judge!


Icky, gooey mess that has probably been added too by having things dropped down the back and sides of our fridge. Even a dang butter knife won't budge it. So, time to get serious and boil some water! Seriously...why didn't I do this before?


So, I boiled some water and poured it over the sticky mess. Then I loosened it with a plastic spatula.


Once the water had cooled a bit, I grabbed my Sparkle® Paper Towels and wiped the mess away. It was that stinkin' easy!


Now my fridge is all clean, and the cloud of shame has been lifted from our home...for the time being. Until we uncover some more messes I have hidden ;)  You can find more amazing hacks from our friends at Sparkle® Paper Towels HERE!

It’s a messy world out there™. Some things you can just laugh at and some things, you’ll want to clean right up. Thankfully, Sparkle paper towels are just right for life’s everyday little messes.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sparkle® paper towels. The opinions and text are all mine.