How To Cut A Recipe In Half - Printable Kitchen Conversion Chart

Cooking is such fun, but sometimes you don't want to cook or bake a full recipe. If you are cooking for one or two people, then making a full casserole or meal just isn't needed. This Printable Kitchen Conversion Chart will show you how to cut a recipe in half so you can waste less, but still cook your favorite meal or treat...just a smaller version!

how to cut a recipe in half printable kitchen conversion chart

How to Cut a Recipe in Half

Have you even opened a cookbook or found a recipe on Pinterest and thought, "I don't really need to feed that many people?" Most recipes feed 4-6 people, and a lot of the time, I'm only cooking for my husband and myself and don't really want to waste so much food making a full meal for that many people. I always have the hardest time figuring out how to halve the recipe though...math is just not my thing. To make cutting those recipes in half, I decided to put together a recipe conversion chart that I could keep handy for those times that I need a little kitchen math help!

To print out your own free Kitchen Conversion Chart for Cutting Recipes in Half, click HERE or click the picture above. You can print it out, download it and save it on your phone or tablet or save it to one of your favorite Pinterest boards so you can access it quickly when needed. I keep a printed version on the side of my refrigerator because I need it a lot! I also have it on my iPhone for quick reference if I am shopping for ingredients and don't want to overbuy.

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