My Not So Fancy Fall Front Porch

Here it Fall Front Porch, or entry way, or whatever you would call it.  Teeny tiny sidewalk area?  In the interest of keepin' it real, I didn't sweep the leaves that always seem to pile up around our front door...I kind of like them, except when they blow inside.  I love the smell that wafts up around me when I step on the newly fallen leaves, the true smell of Fall.
I love pumpkins nestled in leaves and what's left of my hostas and mint.  Different shapes, different colors, there to great me when I come home from the grocery or after dropping my kiddos off at school.
It's my favorite.  Not dropping the kids off or the grocery...yuck.
Instead of planting mums this year, I totally faked it.  I just plopped them down in my big copper pot in their containers.  I added some cabbage plants for fun.  Aren't the big mums so pretty?  I found them at Trader Joe's for $6!  No way I could pass them by.
Then there is my pumpkin patch sign.  There isn't really a pumpkin patch if you follow the sign, more like a bunch of dead hostas and mint, and the holly bush that won't die no matter how many ways I try to kill it.  But, I love that little sign...I did buy it at the pumpkin patch years ago, and it brings back memories of pumpkin doughnuts and hayrides...nothing better.
How do you decorate your front porch for Fall?  Do you go all out, or just plop down a few pumpkins and mums?  I have seen so many gorgeous Fall porches and entryways lately, but always seem to veer back to natural for my own.