Easy and Inexpensive Refrigerator Organization Ideas

Easy and Inexpensive Refrigerator Organization Ideas

Organizing your refrigerator doesn't have to be hard. Use these easy and inexpensive refrigerator organization ideas to clean and organize your fridge and always be able to find exactly what you need!

organized refrigerator
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Having an organized refrigerator makes menu planning, meal prepping, lunch packing and knowing what you actually have so much easier. I've shared other refrigerator organizing posts in the past, but this updated version is my favorite yet. I'm always looking for new, more efficient ways to organize my home and get the best use out of our space. We live in a small house (around 1200 square feet), so every bit of space has to be maximized. While our refrigerator may look like your run of the mill stainless steel fridge, it's actually smaller than most. We had to have it custom made to fit a smaller opening than the ones in the store. So, every inch of our refrigerator gets used. Sometimes that means double stacking things and placing items behind other food items...which can make remembering what foods are actually in your refrigerator really tough.

Before school started, I decided to really try to make sure that we weren't wasting food, that we were planning meals and being more intentional with our groceries, and that when we opened the refrigerator to grab a snack or pack a lunch, we could actually see what was available. It's made getting things ready for meals so much easier and Kate always knows what is available for her lunches, and she can pack them with ease. We've been wasting a ton less, and eating more healthy since all of the "healthy foods" aren't shoved in a drawer never to be seen again until they are rotten and need to be thrown out.

Where should you begin when organizing a refrigerator?

cleaning refrigerator crisper drawers

Start by cleaning it out completely. You can see How I Deep Clean My Refrigerator HERE! Once your refrigerator is clean, take stock of what you have and make a list of those things.

Organized refrigerator with clear plastic bins.

What's the best way to organize a refrigerator?

Think about what types of food you have and write down things that fit together in categories. For example, we have various fruits and vegetables, lunch meats and cheese sticks that are used for lunches, eggs (fresh and hard boiled), meats like bacon and hot dogs, various shredded cheeses, easy to grab snacks like yogurt and jello, and then of course, various sauces and condiments and drinks.

Measure your refrigerator shelves from top to bottom and side to side.

What do you need to organize a refrigerator?

Clear plastic bin storing vegetables.

Purchase some inexpensive clear bins that will fit on those shelves. I like the clear bins because you can really see what you have, and you can label them easily. I found that when I used baskets before, I still couldn't really see what I had.

Below are some inexpensive bins that can be purchased from Amazon. You can also find clear bins at places like Homegoods, Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Target.

White Sharpie marker

Decide what is going to go in each bin by using your list of food categories.

Load your bins and label them with a dry erase marker. I love THIS White Sharpie Marker. It isn't dry erase, but it easily comes off with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

strawberries in a glass container

I also like to go an extra step on grocery days and prep foods. I wash our berries (You can find my post on How to Wash Berries so They Last Longer HERE), cut up veggies like celery and cucumbers, and put shredded cheeses in containers so it's easier to use them when I'm cooking. I love THESE Glass Lock n' Lock Containers for storing food.

Once you get through organizing your refrigerator the first time, keeping it that way will be so much easier. You definitely have to get the family involved and make sure they put things back where they belong, but I promise they will love it too!

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