Make Your Own Portable Tool Storage / Organization Caddy

Hey there! I’m sharing an old post with you because there are so many new readers! This is one of my favorite projects ever. It was the first thing I ever built and has made keeping all of my tools and painting supplies so easy!  Happy building!

Build a Portable Tool Caddy

Oh my goodness…I am soooo excited!  I built something!  Yep, built it all by myself from scratch!  My awesome Ryobi Tools got here last week, and although I was a little intimidated about using them for the first time without help, I did it, and you know what?  It was awesome!!!  Before I get started with my Let’s Build It series, I knew I needed to get organized.  I cannot function with a mess, and when you are building, a mess can happen quickly.  So, my first Let’s Build It project is this awesome portable tool storage caddy!  Let me show you how I made it…

Portable Garage Storage Supplies

I started with one large piece of pegboard which was 96″ X 48″.  I had my peg board cut it in half for me so I could fit it in the back of my truck, then cut each piece in half with my super awesome new Ryobi circular saw myself when I got home.

How to build a rolling storage center

So I now had 4 pieces of pegboard…each 24 inches wide and 48 inches tall.

Tool Storage Center

 I bought two pieces of 2X2 and cut them in half so I had four pieces that were 48 inches tall, using my Ryobi Miter Saw!

Build Portable Garage Storage

I then placed a long bead of wood glue from top to bottom on two of the 2X2 boards and placed one of the pieces of pegboard on top to make a wall panel.  You don’t necessarily need the wood glue, but I want mine to be really strong.

Build a portable garage storage system

Next, I secured them with four screws…one at the top, one at the bottom, and two spaced evenly between those.  I repeated this process until I had all of the walls screwed together.

How to make portable garage organization

They make a nice cube like structure.

Rolling Pegboard Storage Center

To finish it off, I turned it upside down and added some casters that I already had to each corner.

Portable Pegboard Tool Storage

I added hooks and pegboard containers to each panel and hung all of my tools and accessories.

Portable Tool Storage System

This caddy allowed me to keep all of my supplies in one spot.  I even have an entire side where I can keep all of my painting supplies!

Tool Storage

I love being able to grab my safety glasses and whichever tool I need without making a mess, and I can just pull them with me.  If I am working outside, I just roll this baby out with me.  If I’m painting on the other side of the garage, I can just take it over there!  Now I am ready to get started, and can’t wait to learn to use all of these fabulous Ryobi tools together!!!

Are you going to build with me???

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