No Streak Window Cleaning

Easy No Streak Window Cleaning at

Before getting started, you may want to go grab the recipe for my Homemade All Natural – Streak Free Window Cleaning Spray…it’s the best mix on the planet, and I have been using it for years.  All you need is water, vinegar and dish soap…super easy and a money saver too!  You can find it —> HERE!

Homemade all natural streak free glass cleanser

And in the end, your windows will be sparkly clean!  Believe me, I opened my blinds the other day and they were filthy.  I don’t think I had cleaned them all winter.  Shameful, I know.   Anyhow…here is how I get my windows super clean and streak free no matter how dirty they are…

Easy No Streak Window Cleaning at

Once you have your homemade window cleanser at the ready, it’s time to put it into action.   Grab yourself a clean white cloth and a piece of wadded up newspaper…yep, newspaper.  It’s a game changer, folks!

Easy No Streak Window Cleaning at

Simply spray your windows down with the vinegar, water, and dish soap mixture.

Easy No Streak Window Cleaning at

Use your white cloth to wash the windows.

Easy No Streak Window Cleaning at

Then dry and buff your windows with the wadded up newspaper.

Easy No Streak Window Cleaning at

Ibbity, ibbity, that’s all folks!  Seriously!

Your windows will be super clean and streak free!

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