Wine Cork Topped Trunk

Wine Cork Topped Trunk at

I LOVE repurposing old things into fun and somewhat unconventional new things.  Who knew that you could take a simple wine cork and use it to make something new?  Why not?  Call me crazy, but I just like things that are unique, and I absolutely love taking something old and giving it a new life.  Well, this project is all about taking two old things that have already been given new lives, and giving them yet another life.

Wine Cork Board at

Quite a while back, I took an old window and turned it into a cork board using wine corks from a local restaurant.  No, I did not save all of these corks myself, I asked a friend that owns a restaurant near my home to save their corks for me, and they were kind enough to do so.  Well, that cork board sat on my desk until we decided to move the desk into one of our children's rooms.  I didn't think it was necessarily appropriate for one of the kiddos to have a wine cork bulletin board in their room, so the cork board window had no place to live.

Trunk Before and After

Enter the sweet little trunk that my husband made in shop class when he was in highschool.  After years of hiding the trunk under a blanket at the end of our bed, I decided to paint it white and distress it a bit.  Since then, it's been used as a side table, toy chest, and most recently as a coffee table.  The only problem, it's falling apart...that poor trunk has taken a beating.  So, one day, as I was moving some things around our living room, I sat the wine cork board on top of the trunk/coffee table for a moment while I moved something else, and you know what?  That cork board fit the top of the trunk perfectly!  Like they were just meant to be!

Wine Corks and An Old Window as a table top!'s so unique and just cool looking!  No need for coasters, no worry about smudge marks, those corks can handle just about anything!

Make a unique coffee tables using wine corks and an old window at

And the best thing of all?  No-one has the same coffee table.  Nobody!  You could totally do this to anything...simply hot glue some corks to the top of an old table, tray, or even an old window like me.

Totally think outside of the box!  I'm thinking a cork backsplash would be the coolest thing ever!

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