How To Get A Clean Mattress

How To Get A Clean Mattress

One of the most forgotten things in your home to clean is your mattress. It's easy to remember to wash your bedding, but how often do you actually clean and freshen your mattress? I have started cleaning mine at least once every few months to ensure that it doesn't retain any odors and stays as clean as possible. I want to share some tips on how to get a clean mattress and freshen it too!

how to clean and deodorize mattresses

One well known step you can take to keep your mattress in good shape is to flip it every 6 months. This helps to evenly distribute the weight that our mattresses hold and keeps each side of your mattress from too much wear and tear. If you have a pillow top mattress like me, then you don't really have the luxury of flipping your mattress. So, if your mattress is not a pillow top, continue on with the next steps. If your mattress can be flipped, it's best to start by flipping your mattress and do the following steps.

How To Get A Clean Mattress and DIY Mattress Deodorizer

Start by making my mattress deodorizer.

Homemade Mattress Deodorizer

How To Get A Clean Mattress

Mix the baking soda and lavender essential oil together and store in a shaker or make your own using a Mason jar by using a nail to poke holes in the lid as shown below. I simply placed the lid on a piece of wood and lightly tapped a nail to make the holes, then replaced the lid onto the Mason jar. I use these a lot in my kitchen as well for shakers for things like cinnamon/sugar mix and for sprinkling powdered sugar.

How to freshen and clean your mattress.

DIY mattress deodorizer

First, sprinkle your mattress liberally with the deodorizing mixture. This deodorizing sprinkle helps to absorb any moisture and odors from your mattress and gives it a subtle fresh scent as well. Allow the deodorizer to sit for 15-30 minutes before the next step.

Now, iff you have any stains on your mattress, spray them with this Stain Remover Spray and gently massage the stain with a clean cloth. No need to rinse.

How To Clean And Freshen Your Mattress & DIY Mattress Deodorizer

Once the deodorizer has had time to absorb any odors, it's time to vacuum it up. I use a hand vac to remove mine. If you don't own a hand vac, you can definitely use your vacuum cleaner's attachments. Removal of the sprinkle is super important.

Now you will have a fresh, clean mattress with a subtle, relaxing fresh scent!

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