DIY All-Purpose Cleaner for Surfaces

Making your own home cleaners is super easy and typically only takes a few ingredients. This DIY All-Purpose Cleaner only has 3 natural ingredients and can be used to clean most surfaces in your home!

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With a major shortage in cleaning supplies and limited options for purchasing ingredients to make your own cleaners becoming an ongoing problem, I've been busy trying to come up with easy but effective ways to clean my home with the items that are available. I stumbled upon a new all-purpose cleaner that was so simple to make...only 3 ingredients...and it works amazingly well! This DIY All-Purpose Cleaner has quickly become my go to cleaning spray for our entire home, and it's made with one of my favorite new cleaners, Sal Suds!

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What is Sal Suds?

Sal Suds is a plant based, concentrated all-purpose cleaner made by Dr. Bronners. Dr. Bronner's also makes one of my other favorite plant base cleaners that I use in tons of my cleaning recipes, Castile soap. The difference between Sal Suds and Castile soap is that Castile soap is a true mineral based soap that is primarily made for the body, but can be used in cleaning recipes while Sal Suds is a biodegradable household cleaner that is only used for cleaning surfaces that won't leave streaks, doesn't react to hard water and leaves surfaces clean and sparkly!

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homemade all-purpose cleaning spray

How to Make All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

You'll need...

Mix the ingredients together in a clean spray bottle and shake well before each use.

cleaning countertops with a microfiber cloth

How to Use Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

Spray liberally on kitchen and bathroom surfaces and wipe away with a damp, clean microfiber cloth or paper towel.

DO NOT USE ON GRANITE - The vinegar in this cleaner can cause damage to granite surfaces.

printable cleaning labels

Printable Cleaning Labels

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