Wine Cork Monogram

I think you already know that I love all things monogrammed.  This time I decided to glue my wine corks onto a wooden K and place it on my book shelf.  I just love it!  It combines two of my favorite things, wine and a K for Kielman!  I promise that after next week, I will try to calm down on the monogramming.  Next week, I will be posting the wellies (rain boots) that I am monogramming.  They are so super cute, and just like everything else that I do, ridiculously easy!  Who doesn’t need monogrammed wellies?  Well, I know I do!



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    super cute idea!

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    This is really cute. I’ve been looking for something to put in my dining room with my wine glasses.

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    love that! and i see a nice book collection there-the lovely bones and angels and demons are 2 of my faves.

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    Great monogram and love the use of corks!! I have been wanting to do with with a W… using a wooden letter is a great idea!

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    I’ve been saving wine corks in hopes of finding the perfect project for them. I think this might be it!

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    This is a cute idea. I might have to make something like this for my om. She loves wine.

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    Cute! I like it up against your books. Here from A2Z.

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    Cute! What a great idea! Your project got me thinking…. bottle caps could be a cool idea for a similar project!

    Dana @

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    I love this! I have a random collection of wine corks.. I have been looking for something creative to do with them! This may be a project I’ll be doing soon.

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    Very cool! Thanks for commenting on my WW post :) We’ve had the Monkey Joe’s party 2 years in a row now. As much as I wanted to try something new, my daughter insisted, and at least it is easy! Have a great rest of the week!

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    Seriously fantastic!!! I wish I drank enough wine to have all those corks!

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    This is so very creative! I’ve been saving wine corks for so long because I want to do something crafty. I’m thinking of a board in our kitchen to pin up pictures. :) LOVE this!!

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    This “K” is so fun & funky…I love it!! :)

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    Great treasure I found in your blog. I have just become one of your followers so will be able to see all your beautiful cards when you blog them.

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    Love this, such an easy but adorable project. Definitely going to be trying this, thanks!!

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    Love monograms and love cork crafts ! Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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    I just pinned this for the alphabet wall I am working on. Very cute.

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