Wine Bottle Dishsoap Dispenser

I like wine, but hate dishes, so I’m trying to trick myself…maybe if there is a wine bottle involved, dish washing will be more fun?  We will see.  This was such a fun little project, and super easy too!

I started by emptying a wine bottle…ummm…by drinking some wine.  I then smeared dish liquid all over the label and soaked the bottle in warm water for 2 hours.  This makes pealing the label off so easy.
Then I grabbed this cute stencil and my Frosted Glass Paint in white from DecoArt and got down to business.
These stencils stick right to glass and curve with the bottle as well.  I took my dauber and dabbed the frosted glass paint onto the stencil.  Let dry for a couple of hours, then remove the stencil.  You can reuse the stencil, all you have to do is wipe it off.
I bought this stopper at Crate and Barrel, but have seen them everywhere…Walmart, Target, Meijer, etc…  Fill your bottle with dish liquid and pop the stopper in the top!
And get to washin’ those dishes Mom 4 Real style!
I’m absolutely over the moon, because this project of mine was featured in the April 2013 Issue of HGTV Magazine!
How COOL is that???



Have a fabulous day!




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