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This post is sponsored by eCarpetgallery.  I received an area rug to review for this post.  All opinions are absolutely REAL and 100% mine!Win this rug at Mom 4 RealI have recently fallen in love with area rugs.  See, we have carpeting in our home, and sometimes that can make it tough to live with.  In our living room, there was a sea of brown carpeting until we added an area rug.  Somehow, adding that rug changed the entire look of the room.  It brought it all together.  I just knew that we needed to add one to our bedroom as well.  I just recently finished redoing our master bedroom, and knew flooring was not in our budget.  Once again, adding an inexpensive area rug was the way to go!  The good folks at ECARPETGALLERY asked if I would like to review one of their rugs and give one away to my readers, and I said OF COURSE!  I agreed to work with them because their rugs are affordable.  I’m not sure if you have been area rug shopping lately, but dang!  They are expensive!

Win this RugI chose to review this rug from their Classic Lattice Collection.  I needed a rug to anchor the space at the end of my bed, and this fit perfectly!  Here…I’ll show you the before…

Carpet BeforeDon’t judge!  This is the berber carpeting that is original to the house, and since our master bedroom was last on the list, it’s still here.  There is also a nasty area where the carpeting got snagged.  Like I mentioned before, flooring just isn’t in our budget right now.

Use an area rug to anchor a small spaceBut, as you can see, the rug totally changed the look of the space, and hides most of the hideous carpeting that we are stuck with.  It totally changes the look of the room, and makes it nice and cozy.  If those furniture pieces were floating on the bland taupe carpeting, you would definitely not get the same cozy feeling.

So…onto the great part for you!  ECARPETGALLERY is giving you the chance to win the same are rug!  You can enter below!

What if you don’t want the same rug?  Still great news for you!!!  They are offering Mom 4 Real readers a 70% off coupon code!  Simply click HERE, and enter the code, MOMSSPECIAL at checkout…whoop whoop!

Good luck!!!

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  1. lesley says

    I really like the Royal Ushak Collection

  2. Elizabeth Ashe says

    I’m loving the Natural collection

  3. Karen J says

    Saw so many I like but absolutely love the one you chose; neutral, soft and just delicious!

  4. Holly S says

    I like the rugs in the Fab Dhurrie Collection!

  5. says

    Hey, girl. The rafflecopter was working to fb like the company for me. Just thought you should know!

  6. Debbie says

    I like the rug that you have but I can’t find it on their web site. Can you tell me the category that it is under? Or evan the name and colors

  7. Anne Haun says

    Love the classic lattice rug – so pretty.

  8. says

    I love the Oriental Garden 6’7″ x 9’6″ the best! I so need to replace the area rug in our new dining room and this would be perfect!!

  9. Nicole says

    Very pretty rug & I am LOVING your chair <3

  10. Hannah says

    Love it!! Im a sucker for cute area rugs! They do so much for a room!

  11. Debra C says

    I love your rug! The Royal Kazak collection is beautiful too.

  12. Kari H says

    I love the one you have and so many others, too! Like Silk Touch (#50607)…….so many beuts!! It is hard to choose.

  13. Sue says

    Area rugs always make a statement to change the look of a room and your choice of pattern certainly changed the entire look of your bedroom. :-) What a great give-away offering- I would love to be the recipient of this prize! Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. says

    Flooring isn’t in our budget right now either and I would love love one for our room or my daughters!! What a great giveaway!! Love your new look!!

  15. Mercedes Dennis says

    I’ve always wanted a rug! This would go beautifully with my favorite duvet.

  16. Barbara Pfister says

    Love the sino persian rug!

  17. Joy Leftwich says

    Oh I love!! I was just thinking about rugs today. I’d love to add one to my bedroom!

  18. tammy says

    This rug was in a picture the other day where we were asked what was our fav thing about the room and I picked this rug.

  19. Judith Polcari says

    Love the carpet. I too have Berber carpet in my bedroom, don’t know why I chose this, because it is rough on your feet when you get out of bed……Love what you did with yours…..

  20. Donna Hamlin says

    I adore what you’ve done to your master bedroom…great job!

  21. Carol says

    Am in the market for a couple of area rugs myself. Was looking at another website but have found a whole new array of rugs at

  22. Marsha Anderson Corns says

    Gorgeous rugs – pinterest will have a few more pins…

  23. Marlene says

    I love the Persian Silk collection.

  24. says

    love the rug they are giving away, but love the transitional section with all the bright colors! what a great way to make a room come alive!!!!!!!

  25. says

    The rug you chose is beautiful. Can’t afford new carpet right now (college tuitions). It would be beautiful covering my stained 20 year old white carpet! Ecarpetgallery is a smart company, I love that!

  26. Tara King Meashaw says

    I LOVE area rugs!

  27. Dana Benedict says

    I have been looking for an area rug for my living room….this one is perfect!

  28. says

    I adore area rugs and the selection is amazing! Love the one you picked…but of course I do…your style is spot on!!!! hugs…

  29. Bethany Dahlberg says

    I’ve been looking for a rug for my living room for over 2 years. I could never seem to find one with the right pattern or colors…This one would be perfect! It’s beautiful!

  30. Anita L says

    My favorite would be the Alicante Casual Rectangular Rug.

  31. Samantha Davis says

    I really love the rug that you chose! I was wondering where did you get your drapes?

  32. Mary Carmen says

    My favorite is the Sino Persian. Absolutely gorgeous rug collections!

  33. Samantha Davis says

    Finding rugs on the Internet is difficult, they look so different on the pictures than they would when they are actually on your floor!

  34. Michelle M says

    I love the Jules Ushak !

  35. Alexandra Williams says

    I love the one that you have!

  36. Deb E says

    I’d love to have this cute little tree rug in my living room: Finest Ziegler Chobi (#63180). Love these rugs.

  37. Cathy C says

    I love the Royale design.

  38. Genevieve Jordan says

    Love this rug- beautiful!

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