White Kitchen Reveal ~ A Before & After

We have lived in our current home for quite a while now, and I have hated the kitchen since day 1.  It’s not like it was absolutely horrible, it just wasn’t me.  I love white.  I have wanted white cabinets for years, but was terrified of painting them myself.  I thought it would be horrible…lots of sanding, priming, painting, then repainting.  So I just lived with the dark, smudged, and faded cabinets until two weeks ago.
Please do excuse the dishes…we live here ;)  Okay, see the faded cabinet right under that sink of dirty dishes?  I can’t tell you how much that bothered me!  I tried touching it up with stain, but it wouldn’t stay…that door gets a ton of use because our trash can is behind it.  There were smudges and scratches everywhere, and I just couldn’t fix them.  So, when Brooke at Get Outta My Head {Please} posted a Nuvo Cabinet Paint Giveaway, I entered…AND WON!!!  Woot woot!
I painted those dark and dirty cabinets a lovely white!  It took me two days, because I was also doing other things at the time.  I cannot tell you how easy it was!  I started by opening my cabinets and painting all of the small wood pieces first…yep, I left my cabinet doors on while painting!  It took 3 thin coats to cover the dark cherry, but it went on like a charm and dried pretty quickly!  Isn’t it lovely?
Now I can decorate with all of the pretty bright colors I love…everything bright and cheery!
While I was brightening up my cabinets, I decided to take the leap and put up the beadboard wallpaper I had bought months ago…I love it!!!  My friend Meg at Nutmeg Place used it on her backsplash, and gives the full tutorial on how to hang it!  All I can say is I LOVE IT!
A good friend gave me an entire bag of rubbed bronze knobs, which happen to match our light fixtures, so I saved a pretty penny there…aren’t friends great?  My chalkboard menu used to seem lost in all of the darkness…now it just pops off of the wall!  Looks like my sweet Kate left her momma a nice little note too ;)
We made a little area by the toaster for breakfast prep…cinnamon toast, french toast with powdered sugar, and sweet paper straws for our milk can all live together now.
Now my kitchen and Breakfast Nook are a match made in aqua and white heaven!
So, what do you think?  Do you like the before or the after?  Do you dare paint your kitchen cabinets?  The sink and counter tops are next!
Wanna see more?  My entire home is on display at Debbiedoo’s !
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