Updated Craft Nook {Spring}

Okay…I know you have already seen pics of my craft nook, but I decided to Spring it up this week.  My friend, Julie, gave me a new shelf, so I had the chance to totally re-organize my space!  Plus, I added a little (well, maybe a lot) of color!  I bought these cute curtains on clearance, and then decided they needed a little bunting, so I cut some of my favorite red and white striped paper out with my cricut…I adore it!
I have been working on tons of projects that require the use of mod podge, so I made a small table just for those projects.  Above it, I hung 3 little modge podged frames with clips for hanging pictures!
I made this cute little cork board out of a piece of wood and wine corks…I pin all of my favorite magazine pages here for reference and inspiration.
Here is my awesome new shelf that houses all of my crafting supplies…there is even room for my Cricut machine!  I love being able to see everything…I can just glance at my supplies, and ideas start flowing.
My desk…it is right in front of the window that overlooks our patio and back yard.  I love sitting here in the morning with a cup of coffee.  I check my emails, update fb, and browse through all of my favorite blogs first thing!  I painted the top of my desk last week, and can’t wait to share that tutorial with you!
This is where I store my sewing machine and fabrics…right under my desk!  I can just pull out my totes, and everything is right there!
This may be my favorite drawer…it holds all of my paint and glitter!  Sometimes I just leave it open so I can see it all.
Can you tell that I am an extremely visual person…I love being able to see everything.  I love color, and any kind of craft tool I can get my hands on.
I especially love my new i-Top…you can take a piece of paper or fabric and turn it into a cover button in seconds with this fabulous tool!  Right next to it is where I keep all of my adhesives and Cricut cartridges.
My craft space is literally a breakfast nook.  It measures 6 ft. by 8 ft.  It may sound small, but with some great storage systems in place, it is plenty big enough for me!

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    This looks great. I usually love pink crafty rooms but I’m loving the green. It looks so bright and inspirational.

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    Great job! I love the details. The small table is such a great idea. Keeping things out there is also so important. I wish I had more of that so I can remember what I have!

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    Where do I start!?! I LOVE the top of your Desk!! I can’t wait to hear how you did it! Love your paint drawer–and all that glitter! The Mod Podge table-awesome! Every little thing has a place, I love like Love your craft room!

  4. says

    Are you available tomorrow? You can come over here and set up my craft nook. Let me state that it’s in my damp unfinished basement.. do you think you could handle it? hehehe

    Gosh I wish I had your nook!!!

    Check out my blog too :)

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    That is a great space!! Great colors and organization and it looks very functional!! I’m like you, I like to see it!! When it’s all in a cupboard (no matter how pretty the cupboard) I kinda forget it exists!! :) Plus, it obviously all makes for great decor itself!

    I bet you feel very inspired and energized when you go in there!! I do looking at it!! :)

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    How marvelous-what a perfect space and you are right size isn’t important being organised is and I am loving the cork board and also the modge podge goodies “enjoy wish I could have a cup of coffee and just dream of new ideas with you”

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    I love the green and pink! I love your organization. All of this just makes me so happy. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

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    Love, Love, Love your craft nook. You are so organized!! What a bright, cheery room. I love your bookshelf with all your crafts stored neatly. I am your newest follower! Please visit my blog and say hello! I love to make new bloggy friends and follow me back if you’d like :)
    Heather @ settingforfour.blogspot.com

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    Great craft room, I love your green curtains, nice friend to give you the shelf. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have added you to my link party list.

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    Inspirational! I’m working on my own craft room upgrades. It’s so hard to come up with storage for everything and still feel like you can pull stuff out and get creative. Thanks for sharing!

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    Love it! I definitely need to spruce up my craft area! So, you store the fabric in the 31 totes? My Sister In Law is having a 31 party and I was thinking about getting some of their items for my craft supplies.. Still not sure what I want and what to use it for. :) Thanks for sharing!

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    hi! here from every creative endeavor…love how you painted your desk, your curtains & bunting! Everything looks so fresh and happy. :)

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    Love the new Spring look! I am in the process of making a sewing room that I share with my husband. So I have half a small room but am so excited to have a spot all mine. :)

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    What a fun craft nook! I love the bright colors you picked! Thank you for linking up at Every Creative Endeavor!


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    Oh I’m so glad somebody else has a small crafting area! Mine is 7 X 8, so we have to be really creative to make everything fit don’t we? :) I love what you’ve done with the place.


  1. […] The last thing I did was got glue a clothes pin to the top of the frame.  Now I can easily hang a picture, magazine clipping, recipe, or note.  These little frames are so easy and versatile.  They would make a great gift for a teacher or neighbor, and they are so simple to make, that your kids can help!   Here they are in my craft nook…aren’t they just adorable?   If you would like to see my entire Craft Nook Update, check it out here! […]

  2. […] March 13, 2012 by admin 16 Comments Two weeks ago, I was sitting at my desk, trying to find some kind of crafty inspiration, and I was drawing a blank.  I happened to look down at my desk, and all I saw was little kitty paw prints all over.  To some people, this may be cute…it drives me a little crazy.  So I’m sitting there stumped.  I look up at my new lime green curtains, and it comes to me…paint your desk top!  I have seen it done many times on other blogs, but never really thought about painting mine until right then. This is my desk before.  Not ugly, but a little dark for my taste.  You can’t see the little paw prints, but trust me…they are there. I started by priming the top.  This is a must with such a dark and smooth surface.  I actually painted on two coats of primer. Next, I measured out the stripes…mine are 6 1/2 inches each.  I put down some painter’s tape, and painted on the green stripes.  I didn’t bother with white paint, because I am sealing the desk top, and the primer looked fine. See…such a huge difference! So, here is how I sealed the top of my desk…Mod Podge! I painted 2 coats of Mod Podge all over the top of my desk.  I wanted to protect the paint from all of my crazy crafting.  With the layer of Mod Podge, I can easily wipe my desk off with a damp paper towel anytime I get something on it…plus, you can’t see little paw prints! Just having the bright stripes on my desk top fills me with inspiration! Painting the top of my desk also inspired me to Spring up the rest of my craft space…you can see that post here! […]

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