Twix Apple Dip & More Halloween Recipes


Twix Apple Dip and More Halloween RecipesI love throwing a party, but sometimes preparation is a little much.  I am always looking for easier ways to throw a party, and I am going to share some of my tricks for the easiest party ever with you!   I started by heading to Walmart to buy some supplies, like Twix, M&Ms, and Snickers in fun sized bags, and grabbed up some Hawaiian Punch, 7-Up and the rest of what I needed.   Now, let’s start with one of my favorite party treats ever…Twix Apple Dip and a few more Halloween Recipes!  It is seriously the easiest party dip ever!  You combine equal parts of marshmallow cream and whipped cream together and stir really well.  Then, crush up some Twix and sprinkle on top.  I like to serve mine with Granny Smith apples because I love the taste of sweet and tart together, but you could totally serve it with red apples if you prefer sweet and sweet ;)

Cookie SandwichesMy next favorite go to is M&M Cookie Sandwiches…these are so easy, it’s practically criminal.  Just take an M&M cookie and turn it upside down, put a little whipped cream on top, then place another M&M cookie on top of that and you have an instant cookie sandwich…whoop

Fry Box Treat Boxes With CandyI put together some fun treats in fry boxes, added a little washi tape around them and popped on some cute Halloween mask stickers and filled them with my favorite Mars candies!

Hawaiian Punch 7-Up Rasberry PunchYou can’t have a party without some punch, right?  I mixed Hawaiian Punch, 7-Up and frozen rasberries to make a fun Rasberry Punch to wash all of these yummy treats down with!

Throw a fun and easy Halloween PartyJust spread some of your favorite candy and some Holiday decor around, and you have an instant party!

Halloween PartyLooking to get your party started?  You can click HERE for a coupon to buy Mars candy products!

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