Turn A Purse Into A Pretty Camera Bag {tutorial}

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Last year, I got a new DSLR camera…a fancy camera.  I went a little nuts and made myself some camera strap covers and even a lense cap leash so I wouldn’t keep losing my lense cap.  I wanted to carry my camera everywhere, and did at first.  After a while, I got tired of lugging around my huge camera bag and a purse.  I hated that old ugly camera bag…I wanted something pretty.  So, I found some pretty camera bags online.  They were so pretty, but also a little pricey.  So, after close to a year of lugging around that big ugly camera bag, I decided to convert an old purse into a pretty, girly camera bag, and I love it!
I mean, what girl wants to carry around this?  Not me!
I started by taking the pieces out of my camera bag.  The bottom pops right out, the middle should come right out, and you can cut the foam pieces out of the walls of the camera bag.
Pick out some fabric, and lay your foam pieces from the walls of the camera bag on it to get your measurements.  Once you have figured out how long you need your fabric to be (depending on the size your camera bag), add about 2 inches all the way around and cut your fabric.
Now flip it inside out and fold it lengthwise.  Sew down the two short sides, then flip right side out.
Now,lay your foam pieces down on the fabric.  It should go short piece, long piece, short piece, long piece.  Spread them out evenly, then make a line with chalk in between each foam piece.  You are going to sew the lines in between the foam pieces.
Sew down each line (there should be 3).
Now, you slip your foam pieces into the pockets.  Fold the open part over twice, then sew the entire length closed.
This is what you should have.
Place the piece from the bottom of your camera bag into your purse.  Then, place your pretty foam barrier into the purse like this.
Now take the middle piece from the camera bag and place it in the purse as well.
Now you have a pretty, stylish Camera Purse!  Instead of lugging around a camera bag and a purse, you can pop your wallet, lipstick, and whatever else you need into one of the unused pockets inside and still look super cute!
Do you have an old ugly camera bag?  Make it pretty!



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