Turn An Old Picture Frame Into A Chalkboard

I know…I have a problem.  I just love chalkboards!  I very well may cover every surface in my home with chalkboard paint.  I just can’t help myself.  I see an old picture on the side of the road, and I can’t help but bring it home and turn it into a chalkboard.  It’s not my fault, I promise.  It’s Rebecca at You Are Talking Too Much‘s fault.  She got me hooked on the whole chalkboard from a mirror thing, so I’m holding her accountable.
So, I was on my way to Target the other day, and spotted this lovely picture sitting against my neighbor’s mailbox.  Hopefully he was throwing it out, because I took it.  It’s not really my kind of art, so I new what must be done.  It must be turned into a chalkboard. 
I brought it in and painted the glass with 3 coats of chalkboard paint.  Did you know you can buy chalkboard paint just about anywhere now?  And, did you know that a quart of chalkboard paint has enough paint to transform a zillion mirrors or pictures into chalkboards?  Well, maybe not a zillion, but quite a few.  


We have this huge wall that leads to the upstairs of our home that was just perfect for the chalkboard, and since our elevator is broken, I thought this would be the perfect way to let visitors know ;)


 So, if your elevator is broken, maybe you should make yourself a chalkboard out of an old picture frame, huh?
Want another example?  Come see the Mirror Turned Chalkboard that I posted months ago.

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