Turn a Mirror into a Chalkboard

Last week, while reading some of my new favorite blogs, I stumbled upon two blog posts that put me into swift action. Rebecca at You Are Talking Too Much posted this gorgeous Thrift Store Mirror to Cafe Chalkboard, and Debbie at Refresh Restyle had written a tutorial about writing on your chalkboard.  These ladies have been so kind, and helpful…I cannot say enough about how sweet they are!  I asked Rebecca a few questions, and she told me exactly what I needed to do.  After hearing her response, I ran into my bedroom and grabbed up this hideously dark mirror that my mom found in the attic of a home she rented, and got started with my transformation.
As instructed by Rebecca, I first primed my mirror since I was using a thicker chalkboard paint.  Please excuse the fact that I didn’t take a picture of my mirror first…I was just too excited!
Next, I primed the frame of the mirror and painted the first coat of chalkboard paint on the mirror.
After the primer and paint dried, I painted the first coat of paint on the frame, and layer two of chalkboard paint on the mirror.
That’s it…finito benito!  I love it…and it fits perfectly with the rest of my home!  I love that I can change it as often as I like, and move it around as well!  
Thanks so much for the inspiration, ladies!



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