Microwave Cart Turned Kitchen Island

Microwave Cart Turned Kitchen Island

 I am totally obsessed with finding inexpensive ways to make big changes in my kitchen!  I am constantly thinking of ways to improve the function and space in there because it is tiny!  Well, my friends, I finally figured out a way to add an island, and it cost less than $20!  It’s the perfect solution for a small space and feels like it was custom made for my kitchen!  Let me show you how to turn a microwave cart into a kitchen island!

Thrift-Shop-Find (2)

This is what I started with…my haul from our local Peddler’s Mall. As you can see, the microwave cart wasn’t in the greatest shape. It had many scratches, a really scratched up piece of butcher block on top, and the color….well, let’s just say, it’s not my favorite!

Since this little cart is pre-owned, I am really not keen on using the butcher block as a cutting board. I just don’t know how it has been used in the past, so I sanded it down and stained it instead of leaving it as is.


I also want the cart/island to match my cabinets, so two thin coats of my favorite chalky finish paint were in order. I finished it off with a coat of wax for protection as well.


Next, it’s time to replace the hardware.  The holes were a bit small for the new knobs, so I used my drill to make them a bit bigger.


Aren’t the new glass knobs soooo much better?


I am so pleased with the way it turned out! My little kitchen is on it’s way…one step at a time!


 Finally, my kitchen and breakfast nook are starting to look a little more like one big room instead of two spaces, and I have some extra storage as well. Win, win, right?

I can’t wait to show you the rest of the changes in our kitchen. As usual, they are all budget friendly and you won’t believe what I used to change the counter tops…no more spongy looking faux granite! Yay!





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