Travel Toy Storage From A Paint Bucket

We are heading to the beach in a few days, so it’s time to get ready for 9 hours in a car…ugh!
Earlier in the year, I made this Paint Bucket Turned Carry All for Kate.  I decided to make a different version without all of the embellishments.  This one is for my buddy Miles who is lego obsessed!
It was really easy to make…
You will need:
*Paint Bucket (I bought mine at Lowe’s)
*  2  12X12 Pieces of Scrapbook Paper
*  Scissors
*Mod Podge
*  A Foam Paint Brush
Measure the paint bucket from top to bottom and cut your scrapbook paper that length.
Mine was 10 inches tall.
Then, paint a coat of Mod Podge on the back of one piece.
Smooth it on to the paint bucket.
You will have to smooth it on until you get to the notches and cut around those…don’t be intimidated, it’s completely easy!
After the Mod Podge has a few minutes to dry, paint another coat over the entire
outside of the bucket.
Now, cut an oval (or any other shape you like) and paint a coat of Mod Podge on the back of it.
Smooth it onto the bucket, then paint another coat of Mod Podge over it.
I took some coordinating spray paint and painted the lid of the bucket for a finished look.
Now for the fun part…fill your bucket with toys…
or crayons…or whatever you like!
You can dress them up, or leave them plain…
They can be used for travel, or you can put several of them on a shelf in your child’s bedroom or play area.
You could use them in a bathroom for toiletries or hairbows…the possibilities are endless!
The kiddos could even help you make them!

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  1. says

    Great idea Jessica! Love the paper you used too! You are one crafty momma :) Heather

  2. says

    Hi! I am Alesha from Blessed to be a Blessing. I’m one of the co-hosts from the Summer Fun Carnival. I wanted to make sure that I am following all of you before we really get into this thing! I’m really excited to work with you, to possibly have you guest post, and to get to know you this summer!
    Alesha <3
    P.S. This is such a great idea! We had one giant bin in our van when I was a kid, but we would always argue over what belonged to who…this way there wouldn’t be any of that! =)

  3. says

    Supah, supah cute! I walk by those in HD and imagine all kinds of fun things to do with them…

  4. says

    You are so creative! I love the bucket idea for my grandkids this summer!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Make it a great day!
    What Meegan makes

  5. says

    Very cute! I just peeled the paint and label off of my first paint bucket because it’s a shame to throw them away-have been wondering what I’d do with it but I love your idea and visual of what to do with them!

  6. Anonymous says

    Made my day once once more, fantastic post..two thumbs up!:)

  7. says

    So cute and functional!! I love decorating up paint buckets. Thanks so much for coming out to the party again at Clean and Scentsible. I’ll be sharing this on my Facebook page. I hope you are having a great weekend!
    Jenn :)

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