Trash to Treasure…Bathroom Cabinet

You guys know how much I love to take something old and give it new life.  Well, this hideous little cabinet was just sitting on the side of the road (or in my neighbor’s trash), just waiting for me to work some magic.  It’s horrible, huh?  Well, not for long…
I washed it down, sanded it, and painted it white.  I didn’t bother with pics of those steps, because they are pretty boring.  After prepping the cabinet, I picked out some pretty black and white paper.  Huh?  Paper, you ask?  Yep, we are going to Mod Podge this baby!
{I also used this same paper to make a headband holder for the same bathroom…you can find that tutorial here.}
Next, I painted a thin coat of Mod Podge all over the top of the shelf.  Try to make it as thin as possible, to prevent bubbles from forming under the paper.
Then, smooth out the paper over the Mod Podge.  I used a roller that Mod Podge makes, but you can totally use your hands…just make sure to get all of the air bubbles out.
Once the Mod Podge is dry, paint a coat on top of the paper.  Make sure it isn’t too thick, and try to get all of the air bubbles out as you are smoothing on the top coat.  You can take your roller or hand and smooth them out as you go. It will dry nice and smooth with a little bit of shine.
I changed out the existing knob for a sweet little K knob that I found in the Michael’s dollar bin.  Too cute!
I decoupaged the front door too, as you can see.  I just love this adorable little cabinet!  I can store t.p. and room spray in the cabinet, and it has the perfect spot for magazines!  I cannot wait to put it in our 1/2 bath that I have been working on…I will share that as soon as it is finished!
Next time you see something just sitting on the side of the road, will you take a second to think about what it could be with just a little love and elbow grease?



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