Tips For Cleaning Your Paint Brushes

4 Easy Ways To Clean Paint BrushesI love, love love to paint!  Recently, I have painted my kitchen cabinets, a few furniture pieces, a bathroom and my son’s bedroom. The problem with me and painting…I’m horrible about cleaning my paint brushes right away.  I just get distracted I guess.  Well, after a little bit of research, I decided to test a few methods for cleaning your paint brushes out, and today I’m sharing them over at The Graphics Fairy!  So, if you are like me and need a little help in the paint brush cleaning department, hop on over and check out my tips!

If you are here visiting from The Graphics Fairy, welcome!  Take a little time to look around…I love sharing cleaning tips, craft projects, DIY and a little home decor too!  You can start by checking out my galleries up there in the menu bar.  Hope you will hang out and come back often to visit!


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  1. says

    Going to go check it out now!! I too am terrible at cleaning out my brushes.

  2. Deborah Gullett says

    I have heard that lemon juice removes dried latex paint. Since I heard that I haven’t had a chance to try it out. I know my lemon cleaner would take the paint off of the wall as well as the dirt.

  3. cj says

    I would like to stay on your site…I won’t go to other sites to see what you have to say…although I really like your information!

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