Thrifty Blue & White Cottage Bedroom Makeover

Thrifty Blue and White Cottage Bedroom Decor

I cannot wait to show you my new bedroom…brace yourself for lots of white and blue, and very little money spending!

Master Bedroom in Blue and White

If you are looking for uber gorgeous fancy bedroom decor, you are sooo in the wrong place.  I tried, really I did, but it just wasn’t me.  I like things simple and usually colorful, but this time I just wanted simple, fresh, and relaxing…on a budget of course!  I love white decor, and all shades of blue.  I had bought these fabulous blue and white Threshold curtains from Target last year, and knew I wanted them in my bedroom…they are definitely the jumping off point for our blue and white cottage bedroom makeover.  I gathered some of my inspiration from this sweet cottage bedroom.  Come let me show you what I did with mine…

Use wine crates to create a bedside table in a cottage style bedroom

As you could probably see in the first photo, we have a massive king sized bed.  It weighs a gazillion pounds and used to be a country oak color.  It was gorgeous, but I am not a lover of oak furniture…at all.  I knew I wanted it to be white, so much to my father in law’s dismay, I painted it.  Believe me, he wasn’t happy about it, since he had handed the bed down to me…so sorry, Dad!  Anyhow…I used some Maison Blanche La Craie in Magnolia that I had left over from an old project to paint my bed…no sanding required!  The space between the bed and the wall on the left was tiny, but needed a table.  I stumbled on some crates that I had stacked in the garage and checked to see if they fit in the space…they were perfect!  I just stacked two of them upside down and a smaller one on it’s side to make a little table.  I wanted to be able to sit in bed and read my magazines, so I made a quick ladder from some tobacco sticks…that tutorial will be on the blog next week, and you won’t believe how cheap and easy it is!

Shop your home for fun thrifted items to make a small side table vignet in a cramped space

The right side of the bed had the same small space issue, so I grabbed a stool that I had covered with burlap and plopped an old Canada Dry crate on it.  I tucked in a little ivy plant, and now I have a place to keep my book and a glass of water.  There was a space on the wall that was slightly damaged, and instead of fixing it and having to paint all over again, I took an old frame, tacked a large piece of burlap behind it and hung it up.  I added the paper heart and pom pom garland that I had kept from my Valentine’s Mantel.  I had this lamp in my breakfast nook, and it really wasn’t being used, so I decided to add it to this little corner as well.  My favorite boots and bag are also on hand just in case I need to jump out of bed and make a run for it ;)

Blue and white cottage bedroom with workspace

On the other side of the room, we really needed a space for Matt to work when he has been traveling.  Since we live in a smallish house, there really wasn’t space anywhere else in our home, so we had to make it work.  I had painted this little desk last year, and it’s been floating around in between our room and the garage, so I knew I needed to give it a permanent space.  It was already the perfect color, so I grabbed a sample of the same colored paint and painted the little dresser in the corner so they would blend a little.  Normally I would go for another fun color, but I really wanted to keep our bedroom calm and serene.  The painting wouldn’t normally be my favorite, but my mom gave it to me, and I just can’t imagine not having it in here.  Sometimes I look at it and pretend I am floating down a canal in Venice.

Use the area under the bed for storage

The only purchases I made for this room redo were the two blue throw pillows ($24.99 at Marshall’s), and the beautiful billowy bedding that came with a comforter, two King sized shams, two throw pillows and a bed skirt ($69.00 at Stein Mart).  So, truly I shopped my home for almost every single detail.  It may not be your cup of tea, but no matter what your style is, you can do the same.  Taking things from one room that may not work in there any longer, and using them in another room is my favorite thing to do!

So…what do you think?

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    • says

      Thanks, Shan! Come on over! We’ll read magazines and paint our toenails ;)

  1. says

    Oh such a lovely room, I love the blue and white, so fresh and using the crates for nightstands is so fun and perfect. Great idea. Hugs, Marty

    • says

      Thank you so much, Marty! I kind of love them too!



  2. says

    This came out so Beautiful, Jessica! I Love the Softness of the room, it feels so very Relaxing. My favorite part is the Boots on your side of the bed, Just in case you have to make a run for it!!! LOL!!
    I LOVE it!!!

    • says

      Thanks, Angelina! OMG…those boots are my favorite…and ya never know when you may need to make a run for it ;)

  3. says

    It is so light and airy and cozy looking! Beautiful! I love it. And I love how you added personal touches and items that have a story behind them. Thanks so much for sharing, Jessica! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

    ~Abby =)

    • says

      Thank you, Abby! It really makes all the difference having that room to escape to! Hope you are having the best week ever!!! Love ya girl!

  4. says

    Love the colours…and I LOVE that it was a budget makeover…I am all for shopping your home and re-working what you have – I think your bed looks better white (shhh – don’t tell your father-in-law!! LOL)

    • says

      Thank you, Cheryl…those colors are so calming to me. Doesn’t it, though…I think even he would like it better now :)

  5. Lisa says

    I think it looks amazing! I have the same curtains in my office. I love them. You definitely made the right decision painting the bed! Great job!

    • says

      Thanks, Lisa! Don’t you just love those curtains? I had them in my living room for a while, and now I love them in my bedroom!

  6. says

    I think it is perfect! Very serene, which is what I want in my bedroom. (Of course, I am sure there are people who would prefer a trapeze, but I’m not one of them.)

  7. says

    I think you are brilliant at adding your own style and making your home look and live bigger than it is. Ours is still so very practical in so many places but yours just has such beauty to it. You inspire me to keep trying and redefining my style and updating even the little corners. You’re amazing! Love ‘ya!

  8. brenda says

    totally love everything about it; especially that you proved how beautifully we can decorate our homes with minimal expenditures. no more excuses. sorry to FIL but the bed does look awfully good painted. Reared and married to men that are adverse to painting wood I know what you were up against. WHAT IS IT????

  9. Ruth C. says

    I love blue and white any where.I have used it alot but would like to know the color blue you used on the 2 chests in the bedroom,I am looking for a blue color to paint my bottom kitchen cabinets and use creme on the top ones. I think that color of blue is what i am looking for. Thanks

    • says

      Hi, Ruth! The color is Cincinnati Hotel Blue by Valspar. I’ve used it on so many things, it’s absolutely one of my favorites!!!

  10. says

    I love every detail! Beautiful room to relax…I’d never leave. :)

  11. Eileen says

    Love the room! I like how you used different shades of blue…it’s beautiful! Have you thought about painting the frame on the Venice painting? I bet it would look much prettier if the frame were white or even one of the blues in the water! Nice job on the room!!

    • says

      I would love to, but it means a ton to my mom. I’m afraid she would murder me ;) I do agree though!

  12. says

    Oh your bedroom looks so pretty Jessica. LOVE the bedding, and how you painted the oak and totally updated it. I also love the panels, so pretty! Nice job girl.

  13. says

    Love! I love the room for the same reasons behind your vision; the simplicity and calming effect it has. And what you did was so smart. I really admire people who are creative by using much of what they already have. Thanks for the inspirtation! Now maybe I’ll get to work and do something with our master bedroom!


  14. Melanie says

    Oh Jessica…I love it!!!! You know how I love white and the blue is absolutely perfect! All of the little touches you added are so cute…very smart and great for anyone’s budget. Great job…I love it all!

  15. Cynthia Thiessen says

    Loved the bedroom. Look forward to more.

  16. says

    It looks beautiful! I would agree that you achieved your goal.


  17. says

    Oh Miss Jess…it is spectacular! I love love love love love it…it is sooooooo COTTAGE FRESH!!!!! You rock my friend!!!! hugs…

    • says

      Thank you so much, Lynn! It’s the first time in my adult life that I have actually enjoyed spending time in that room:) Have a beautiful weekend!

  18. Dueley says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! You did such a wonderful job! I can’t believe you did it on a budget! It looks like a designer did this room! So calming and relaxing! I dislike oak furniture and would love to paint my bed in the guest bedroom. I already use blue and white but the furniture is an ugly oak finish! Such an inspiration! I think I’ll give it try and paint the oak! Thanks for your ideas, I love your website!

    • says

      Thank you so much! I agrree on the oak furniture…just not my thing ;) Good luck, and send me a picture when you get finished ( …I’d love to see it! ~Jess

  19. Donna Lee says

    Love the white bed, and the blue and white combo. Blue is a favorite for me


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