The Messiest Craft Room…EVER!

Today, I am keepin’ it real for you.  This is my craft space right now…don’t you just want to cry?

You see, last month, I moved it out of our breakfast nook so we could actually have breakfast in the nook.  

My craft space used to look like this…

It was super organized, and so pretty.  I loved it, but I didn’t love having all of my “stuff” so visible from our kitchen.  I decided on  a whim one day to pack all of this to the garage.  I literally moved it all in there within an hour.  I sort of organized things, but in the rush to get my new breakfast nook finished, the whole painting my foyer floor project completed, and helping some teacher friends get their classrooms ready for school to start, I have been throwing all of my craft supplies, paint, and fabric wherever I can.   So, today and tomorrow, I am cleaning and organizing so I can share some ridiculously fabulous projects with you next week…fun, fun!  Maybe I’ll be finished in time to share with you tomorrow!  Just in cased you missed the “after” of the breakfast nook redo, here it is…don’t you think it was totally worth it?

Wish me luck!

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