The IKEA Slipcover That Changed My Life … Or At Least My Living Room

We have had the same red couch for over 9 years now.  When I bought it, I wanted something with some color…I wasn’t thinking ahead.  I momentarily forgot that I am a schizophrenic decorator.  I didn’t think about how often I love to change things, I just jumped.   Two years later I was completely over the red.  I wanted more blue in my life.  So, I tried to find pillows that would help bring in a little more blue.  That didn’t do it for me.  I brought up buying a new couch to Matt and he gently reminded me that we spent a fortune on the red one that I just had to have at Haverty’s.  Not happening.  So, I decorated around my red couch for 9 years.  Then, IKEA happened.  I went on a mini shopping spree at IKEA a few months back, and noticed that their Ektorp sofa was strangely similar to my couch…even better…the white slipcover that fits the Ektorp sofa was only $100!!!
So, I started my campaign for a white slipcovered couch.  Matt was all, “No way we can have a white couch…kids, dog, yada yada yada…”  Then he joined a bowling league…random I know, but oh he needed a new ball, and a new bag, and new bowling shoes, so I took full advantage and said, sounds good if I can get that white slipcover.  I had him right where I wanted him, and so the white IKEA Ektorp slipcover was mine…bahahahaha!

I waited for 3 weeks for it to come…oh, that was tough.  I’m kind of an instant gratification kind of girl, so it was painful!  So there I was one day hanging out on G+ video chat with my girls Gwen and Courtenay when the doorbell rang!  It was finally here!  I ripped it out of the box and put in on my couch while I was talking to the girls.  I finally had to get off of the computer so I could sit on my new couch and accessorize her with some pillows and blankets…isn’t she devine???  The white is sooo much more me than red…doesn’t it just brighten up my living room?
I used to spend all of my time in my breakfast nook, but now, I can’t seem to get my hiney off of the couch.
It’s my new favorite spot in the house…serene and a bit beachy…even if it’s the middle of December.
Do you use slipcovers?  Do you dare have a white couch?
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