The Best Gift Ever…The Gift of Clean

Sponsored DisclosureRemember a couple of weeks ago when I told you that Kate and Cam were giving me the Gift of Clean with the help of Scotch Brite for Mother’s Day this year?

Well, they did, and let me just say… best. gift. ever.  No other gift could compare!

Give the gift of clean this Mother's DayThey took this fabulous bucket of cleaning supplies and gave our home the once over…I mean really cleaned it. I sat on my tush on my patio and came in to a clean house. The funny thing…they were so proud! Not even gonna lie, I cried a little. To see them so proud to give me a gift was awesome!

Just to prove that it actually went down and I didn’t actually do the cleaning myself, I snuck a quick video of Kate cleaning the dishes while she was listening to her favorite song, Happy!

Lesson…encourage your kids to give the gift of clean…it’s free, and it will teach them that a little work goes a long way.

I can’t wait for my birthday now…guess what I asked for???

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