Teen Boy’s Bedroom Makeover Part 2

Sponsored DisclosureTeen Boys Bedroom Makeover Part 2

So…the last time we talked about the Teen Boy’s Bedroom Makeover that is going on in this house, I was almost ashamed to show you any photos.  I know that boys bedrooms aren’t necessarily supposed to be pretty, but I soooo wanted Cam’s room to at least be presentable.  Well, we are about halfway through the makeover and this momma is starting to smile when she enter’s the now dubbed “Man Cave” that is Cam’s room.

Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover Before

See…this is a little bit of the before.  I don’t want to show you too much, because I want the final reveal to actually knock your socks off!  If you look at this photo, then look at the photo at the top of this post, then you may see a little bit of change…not a ton, I still have to paint the walls, which means everything will have to come off of them first. You may notice however that the hideous sponge painted shelf has been repainted and cleaned up…yay!  You may also notice that there is a peek of something different beside the shelf…

3w656That my friends would be Cam’s new couch from 55 Downing Street! See, Cam’s room is big enough to fit a small sofa in. When we asked him what he really wanted for his room, his number one request was a place for he and his friends to hang out.  We looked at a few different seating options and settled on a couch because it can also double as a place for one of his friends to crash for the night. This couch is nice and masculine enough for a dude’s room and works perfectly in the space. It came in pieces, and was so easy to put together…it literally took 45 minutes for me to put together by myself!


The second thing Cam asked for was a new TV and stand. He had our oversized big silver box tv that took up so much space, so we agreed to buy a new TV, and found this gorgeous modern TV Stand at 55 Downing Street. It is perfect for his space, and gives him a place to put all of his video games and remotes so they aren’t scattered all over his room.


His new Woolrich Hadley Blue Plaid Bedding may just be my favorite!  It’s so soft, and the colors really bring the room together! I actually chose the paint color for his walls and the shelf that you saw above from this! We didn’t go with the bear pillow, because Cam is going for a more sports related theme.

I can’t wait to show you the full reveal in less than a month!!!  Cam is so happy with the way it is coming along, and it is so cool to hear his friend’s reactions when they see it for the first time!

Be sure to check out what Shannon and Austin over at Fox Hollow Cottage are doing for their Teen Boy’s Bedroom Makeover too…we are going to reveal the rooms together, and they are going to be so different…CAN’T WAIT!

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