Stenciled Mason Jars and Lipton Sweet Tea

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Oh goodness me, there is nothin better than sweet iced tea! What makes iced tea better? Drinking it straight from a mason jar of course! So, why not kick it up a notch and make some cute little stenciled mason jars glasses for your sweet tea?

Lipton iced tea for the Keurig

The only thing about making iced tea that is kind of a bummer? The wait. Sometimes you just need a glass of iced tea and you need it stat! The new Lipton K-Cup packs are the answer to my sweet tea lovin prayers!

So…let’s make some stenciled mason jar glasses and brew some sweet tea together…follow me!

How -to-stencil-mason-jars

Start with some clear glass jars, some sticker stencils and some glass paint markers.


Stick your sticker stencil on the jar and fill in with the paint marker.


Be sure to remove the stencil while the paint is still wet.


Make a set to give as a fun gift or to keep for your family!


Now let’s brew that tea! Simply pop the Lipton K-Cup into your Keurig and place a glass (or mason jar in this case) filled with ice underneath. Hit brew and…

Sweet tea

Let the Keurig do its thing!

Lipton Sweet Iced Tea

Not even kidding…you have a perfect glass of sweet, unsweet or lemonade iced tea in seconds! Whoop!

This southern girls heart is full!

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