Snow Man Glass Ornament

We are in the thick of ornament making around here, so I wanted to share a super easy ornament that you can make with your kiddos.  Every year, we make a bunch of these snowman ornaments to include in teacher gift baskets.  They are extremely easy to make, and very inexpensive…

Start by making some Glitter In Glass Ornaments…for these I use extra fine white glitter.
In addition to the glitter in glass ornaments, you will need some black paint and orange paint.  I already had these glass paints, so I used them.  I have made them many times with acrylic paints, so you do not have to use special paint.
Start by painting two circles (filled in) for the eyes.  Now, make about 5 or 6 circles for the snowman’s mouth.  They do not need to be perfect, we are trying to achieve the look of coal…remember Frosty the Snowman with his eyes made out of coal?  I went a step further and painted the silver top black too so it looks like a hat.
Now paint on his carrot nose, and you are all done!
You have yourself a cute little snowman to hang on your tree.  These are so fun and easy, and make great gifts for neighbors, friends, and family…they are definitely my go to gift for Christmas!



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