Santa’s Belt Ornament {Glitter in Glass}

This is one of my favorite ornaments to make.  I just love the idea of the ornament representing Santa’s round belly ;)  It’s just fun!  It’s also super simple and inexpensive…
You start with my super easy to make Glitter in Glass Ornaments tutorial, thin black or black and white polka dot ribbon, some black paint, and glue.
Take your ribbon and wrap it around the center of the ornament.  Cut and glue in place.
Use your black paint to add a buckle.  I used puffy paint for some depth and shine.
That’s it…super easy, super cheap, and lot’s of fun!  This is definitely one to get the kiddos involved in.
For more ornament ideas, check out my
Do you make your own Christmas ornaments?  I would love to know what your favorite Holiday craft is!





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