There Are No Pumpkins To Be Found…Make A Ruffled Pumpkin Pillow

I definitely have Fall Fever.  I worked on my Fall Mantel this past weekend, and now I can’t stop.  The only problem is…there are NO PUMPKINS TO BE FOUND!  Don’t they know that I need pumpkins right now?  Don’t these pumpkin growin’ fools know that there is a Primp Your Pumpkin party happening next week?  Since they don’t, I have been making my own pumpkins.  I did find some mini pumpkins at the grocery store, so I used them to add a little Fall accent to my breakfast nook, then I thought…how about a pumpkin pillow?  So, I sewed a long ruffle in Riley Blake rouge dots, and hot glued it to the front of one of my Dropcloth Pillows in the shape of a pumpkin.  I love it nestled in with the others.

Now my Newish Breakfast Nook feels nice and Fallish ;) 
Are you decorating for Fall yet?
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