Ruffled Lamp Shade

I’ve been looking for a lamp for my breakfast nook for the past few weeks, with absolutely no luck.  I wanted something a little frilly.  Frilly, and inexpensive too.  Well, I was beginning to think that I would just have to live without a lamp, because every one that I liked was uber expensive…no thanks!

Then, on Friday, my friend Erica called to say that her neighbor had put some stuff out on the curb with a note that said trash.  She was all out of breath telling me about the fabulous trash, so I raced over there to check it out…holy mother of fabulousness…she wasn’t kidding!
I scored a huge copper tub with a lid, a sweet dropleaf side table, and a plastic woodish looking lamp with a stained shade…winner, winner, chicken dinner!
I have big plans for the copper tub and dropleaf table, but the lamp…well, I just couldn’t wait to fix her up!  I took off the shade and spraypainted the base white.  Then, I grabbed an old white tablecloth that I already had and cut 4 long strips (about 3 inches wide each).  I ruffled each strip…I promise, it’s super easy to do…just check out my Sew a Ruffle {Tutorial}.  Then, I sprayed the entire lampshade with spray adhesive and started wrapping the ruffles around the shade from the bottom to the top. At the end of the last ruffle, I hot glued the fabric in place.
Isn’t it adorable, and oh so frilly?  I love the raw edges, but if you like a more finished look, you could totally do that too!  I see old lamps and shades all of the time at garage sales and thrift stores…I will not be passing them by anymore.  How about you?
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