Ruffled Fabric Kindle Fire Cover (Will Work for Nook and iPad Too!)

Hey, hey The Girl Creative Readers!  I’m Jessica from Mom 4 Real, and I am so excited to be here today!  It’s summer, which means we are doing a ton of traveling.  For me, that means I am going to be doing a ton of reading.  I’ll be taking my Kindle Fire with me everywhere.
We have had our Kindle Fire for a while now, but the poor thing…she’s been naked for months.  No pretty protective cover…nothing.  I have been looking for a cute case for my Kindle, but I haven’t found one that I loved, and they are quite expensive!  This weekend, I decided to dress her up a bit.  Not just for the purpose of being pretty, but also for protection.  So, I grabbed a few supplies from around the house and got to work.  I didn’t have to spend a dime!  This tutorial could also work for as a Nook cover or an iPad cover!
I went on a search throughout my home for things I could use, and here is what I came up with…
1. An old book…please book lovers don’t hate, the book was damaged.
2.  Fabric Scraps
3.  3 Elastic Ponytail Holders
4. Hot Glue Gun and Glue
I started by cutting the pages out of the book.  You will only need the book jacket for this project.  I am going to save the pages and salvage what I can for another fun project.
Lay the book down on your fabric.  Trace around the book, then cut the fabric.
Hot glue that piece to the INSIDE of the book jacket.  Make sure to push the fabric down into the spine and hot glue in place.
Cut a piece of fabric 10 inches by 20 inches.  Fold fabric about 1/4 inch over and sew all the way around.
Lay the book jacket down on the fabric.  Leave the inside that is already covered in fabric up.  (In this photo, I hadn’t sewn the 1/4 inch border all the way around, and I wish I had.  I just folded over the two ends about 1/4 inch and hot glued.)  I folded the fabric over the insides of the book…look below.
You want the fabric to come all the way to the spine of the book jacket from the left.  This will be the inside front cover of the case.  Hot glue in place.  the smaller piece of fabric will come around the back on the right.  Once your Kindle is placed inside, it will cover this up :)
Take two large elastic ponytail holders and stretch them vertically on the left side, or back of book jacket.  These will hold your Kindle firmly in place.  You could finish here, but I am a ruffle loving girl, so I decided to take it a bit further.
I had a long strip of this gorgeous grey and white chevron fabric, so I sewed a quick ruffle.
I took my raw edged ruffle and hot glued it to the case.  I started under the area where the Kindle will be placed and wrapped it around the entire book jacket ending in the same place.  When you are going around the back, simply tuck the ruffle under each of the hair ties.
That’s it!  Place your Kindle in it’s pretty new jacket and show her off a bit!
When it’s closed, you can secure it with the 3rd elastic ponytail holder for added protection.
Do you have a Kindle Fire or any other tablets?  Would you make your own case or buy an expensive one?
Thank you so much for having me here today!  I hope you are having a super fabulous summer!


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  1. says

    OK, now this is just brilliant. I would never have thought to use an old book cover. Do you think Chris would be uncomfortable using the ipad if I made a ruffly toile cover for it?

  2. says

    Okay, I think you and I are GROOVING to the same beat :) Well. almost :) You’ll have to check out my post later today. LOVE your cover and the fabric choice.

  3. says

    Hi, Jessica

    I love this idea and is simply too. Love the color and fabric you picked out too. Have a great week.



  4. says

    Oh, I’ve been meaning to make one for mine – thanks for the reminder and I know it’s not going to turn out as cute as yours is!!

  5. says

    And it’s a vintage Nancy Drew book too! Just kidding. I love this idea! It’s so much cuter than the ones in the stores and to get to pick my own fabric…I would need hours and hours in the fabric store to make a decision!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. says

    That’s awesome! I just shopped for a new case for my new kindle and couldn’t bring myself to fork over that much money. I was brainstorming how to make my own but now you’ve done all the figuring for me and I can just follow your lead!! It’s very pretty too. Thanks Jessica ;)

  7. says

    How absolutely adorable! I love the fabric you chose and the ruffle is too cute! Have a great weekend.
    House on the Way

  8. says

    I’m trying really, really hard not to hate that you tore up one of my all-time favourite books… I read that thing umpteen times when I was a teenager. Ok over it! AWESOMELY cute project!

    Great idea Jessica :)

  9. says

    Oh SO cute!! Do you want to make me one?? lol Seriously I would so buy that for my ipad!! loce it! Following through I ♥ Naptime blog hop!

  10. says

    So cute! I like that you used a book cover, very smart. I need one for my kindle!

  11. says

    This is a really cute idea! If I hand a Kindle I would so do this. Thanks for sharing!

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