Ruffled Dropcloth Kitchen Towel

Oh, my latest obsessions have all come together, like in a total menage a trois kind of way.
I am seriously obsessed with 3 new things…well, they are new to me!
I love stencils, dropcloths, and ruffles…like I’m head over heals in love!!!
I was sitting in my craft area looking at all of my supplies, thinking what’s next?
I just redecorated My New Breakfast Nook, so I wanted to tie the new color scheme in with my kitchen.  So, I decided to try and make my own kitchen towel!
I started by cutting out a piece of dropcloth (28″ X 20″).  I sewed a 1/4″ seam all around the outside of the “towel”.
I sewed a quick ruffle, then sewed my ruffle onto the bottom of my towel.
I had this K left over from my front porch make-over…you can find that here.
I traced the K with a pencil.
Here is a quick tip for ya…have a small paint project?  Use mini cupcake holders for your paint.  Less waist, and you can throw them away when you are finished…and, they are ridiculously inexpensive!


Now hand paint inside of the pencil lines.  I ended up outlining mine with red paint too.
I ironed over the painted area to seal the paint.  I don’t know if it’s washable…I love it for it’s cuteness factor!  Since I started playing around with my sewing machine, I have learned to do so many new things…next week, I will post how to sew a ruffle…trust me, it’s super simple!  Do you have any sewing projects want to try?


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