Rolled Flower Rosettes {tutorial}

I have been looking for tutorials on how to make these adorable rolled flowers {you can use them for so many projects}.  I have seen many, but some were very confusing, so I decided to take a bit from different ones, and make my own.
First I cut a piece of fabric (2 inches X 28 inches).  I folded in half, lengthwise, then tied a small knot at one end.  This will be the center of your rosette.
Start by wrapping your fabric around the knot until you get back to where you started.  Add a dab of hot glue to keep it from slipping.
Keep wrapping your fabric around, but start twisting your fabric as you go around.  Add dabs of hot glue here and there to keep it from coming apart while you work.
Once you get the the end of your fabric, hot glue the end to the bottom of your rosette.
You can hot glue your flower to an alligator clip for the cutest rosette hairclip…
You can make several rosettes, and hot glue them to a fabric covered headband.  I even made rosettes using old sweaters and made a wreath…you can find that tutorial here.



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