Ribbon Heart Tee

I have been on a serious Valentine’s kick this year!
I have seen so many cute Valentine’s Day shirts in the stores, but decided to try and make my own.  I drew a heart on a plain piece of paper and cut it out.  Then, I started laying ribbon down in a pattern on the heart.  Next, I cut the ribbon around the edges of the heart.  One by one, I glued the ribbon onto the shirt in the same pattern I had on the paper. I used Aleene’s Okay To Wash-It fabric glue.  I used the same glue to make Kate’s Ribbon Christmas Tee (found here), and it washed perfectly!  After adhering the ribbon to the tee, I used puffy paint and went around the edge of the heart to keep the ribbon from fraying and to give it a more finished look…plus, I thought it looked cute as a balloon heart.
Kate absolutely loved it…what do you think?