Reindeer Food Recipe


This morning, Kate ran in my room frantic.  She was jumping up and down yelling about Santa’s reindeer, and how we forgot to make them food.  After taking a minute to wake up, I realized what she was talking about.  Every Christmas, we make reindeer food so that Santa’s reindeer can have a little snack while Santa is busy filling stockings and eating cookies.  I assured Kate that we had plenty of time to get it ready.  To make reindeer food, all you need is glitter and uncooked oats.
You simply pour some oats in a bowl….
Then add glitter.  You see, the glitter helps the reindeer see where to park…the glitter glistens in the grass in the middle of the night.
Stir together, then sprinkle in your yard.  The reindeer will love it!
We hope you have a very Merry Christmas!




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  1. says

    This is one of those things your kids will always remember…and insist on doing every year. Love the idea. I tried to get here before Christmas but didn’t make it…hope your day was wonderful. Best wishes for 2013! ~Ann

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