Recycled Bottle Centerpiece

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While Jess is trying to breathe and catch up on her crazy life I’m going to step in and share with you a simple, inexpensive project.

I’m a bit of a weird-o about recycling in crafts. I will use anything and everything for anything and everything. I’ve used toilet paper rolls to make gift card holders, paper plates for baskets, and cheese graters for votive holders. Today I’m reusing bottles for a charming and sweet flower centerpiece.



bottles (you’ll need 7. I used mini beer bottles)
hot glue



1. Take off the labels on your bottles


2. Assemble the now clean and soapy bottles (mine are extra bubbly!) with one in the center and the rest surrounding it.


3. Tack them together with hot glue.
This isn’t enough to hold them permanently. But, it will keep them sturdy while you work.


4. Tack down the start of the twine with hot glue


5. Now wrap.
Go around and around until you are happy. Then hot glue the end down.

Note: I hot glued a small doily and twine bow on the front of mine. Add water to the bottles and stems of your favorite blooms.

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Thank you so much for filling in while I am at SNAP!  You totally rock my socks!



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