Quick Baby Tag Blanket From 30 Minute Crafts

Today my friend, Carolina at 30 Minute Crafts is sharing her Quick Baby Tag Blanket with us.  I love this tutorial because I have a ton of friends that have new babies or a baby on the way, and these blankets can get quite expensive.  

30 Minute Crafts, formerly Moore Craft Time just got a new look, so make sure you check it out and follow along!  This is what Carolina had to say about the re-design…

Moore Craft Time has always been about crafts that can be done in 30 minutes or less. I’ve completely re-designed the site. Not only is there a new look (which I’m totally loving!), but I’ve updated the categories to make the site super searchable for you! Oh… and of course the new name!
With all these changes and newness, I’ve also made some changes elsewhere. Please take a couple minutes to:
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Thanks for your support …. I hope you enjoy the new 30 Minute Crafts!
Now…onto the awesome tutorial she has for us today…

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When I was a baby, I loved the tags on stuffed animals. So much so that I would wear them out and my mom would need to stitch on replacement tags. True story. Since that time thirty-teen years ago, someone came up with the awesome idea of adding tags around a blanket. And, these little tag blankets are super easy (and super quick) to make. By using different kinds of tags and ribbon, it becomes a fun tactile blanket for the little one – and something that can easily be tossed into the wash when it gets dirty!

Click here for the rest of the tutorial…

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Carolina!


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