Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Using Foam Pumpkins (Funkins)

 I absolutely love decorating pumpkins!  Fall is my favorite season by far, and adding fall touches all over my house puts me in the best mood! I decorated these pumpkins last year, but since there are so many new readers here and it’s still a little early for real pumpkin carving and decorating, I thought I would share this post with you newbies and also maybe just remind some of you that have been hanging out here for a while of their cuteness ;)  So, without further adieu…here are 3 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Using Foam Pumpkins!

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas - Funkins - Foam Pumpkins

Are you ready for some pumpkin decorating????  I know I am!  Well, I’m going to show you 3 fun ideas for decorating pumpkins!

3 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Using Faux Pumpkins via mom4real.com

I love Fall…like, love love love Fall!  Pumpkins, mums, football, orange, falling leaves…need I say more?  This year I’m getting a jump on my pumpkin decorating with some awesome foam pumpkins or funkins from Michaels!  These little babies are amazing and won’t rot…woohoo for that!   Wanna see what I did?

Haunted House Skeleton Pumpkin Made With a Foam Pumpkin

I started with this fun haunted house pumpkin…isn’t it spooky?  I simply used a heat knife (shown below) to cut the top off and cut the windows and doors too.  This tool is absolutely amazing, allowing you to cut through the foam like butter!  I picked up some fun embellishments from Michaels…skeletons, spiders, skeleton hands, a black tree looking twiggy thing, and even a coffin!  I painted the inside of the pumpkin black and painted the insides of the window as well.  I want to be able to put a battery operated flashing votive inside so it will glow when placed outside at night.

Skeleton Haunted House Pumpkin Made With Foam Pumpkin

I also cut a few holes in the lid so I could hang a little skeleton peaking out of the side…isn’t he spooky?

Make a Foam Pumpkin Vase

The second pumpkin I worked on is based on one I did last year but didn’t post…I called it a mumpkin!  I put a mum in the one I made last year, but decided to go for sunflowers this time.  I simply removed the top with my heated knife, placed a foam block inside, then poked faux sunflower branches into it.

Decorate a Pumpkin With Washi Tape

I used black and white polka dotted washi tape to add some fun detail to the pumpkin…the great thing about the washi tape is that if I decide I want to change it up, then I can just remove it!

Decorate a Pumkin With Buttons and Ribbon
The third is my favorite!  I love polka dots, and I adore buttons, so I thought…what about a little polka dot button pumpkin?  I just hot glued the buttons in a random pattern all over this little white funkin, topped it with a black and white polka dot, and just sat back and smiled.

Orange Buttons

Aren’t these buttons just gorgeous???

Foam Pumpkins From Michaels

These were the foam pumpkins that I started with from Michaels…they come in a large variety of shapes, colors, and sizes!

Cut Foam Pumpkins With Ease Using a Heated Knife

And the fabulous cutting knife….ahhhhh, cuts like buttah baby!

So, what do you say?  Are you ready for some pumpkins???

I’m sharing mine at the Craftaholics Fall Frenzy 2014!

This post was sponsored by Michaels, all opinions are absolutely real and 100% mine!

Make a Button Pumpkin Craft

Which one is your fave?  I definitely think mine is the Button Pumpkin?  Pin it to save and make your own!

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  1. says

    The third id my favorite too…but ALL so cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall too!!

  2. says

    You just Spooked me out… and wow-ed me with cuteness..all in the same post! This is why I love Mom 4 Real.. Awesome stuff lady! Way to rock those pumpkins!

  3. Cookie 17 says

    Just join up to your blog & i’m tickled at great thing’s you do,Put’s smile on my face,lol Keep it up Thank’s

  4. Beth C says

    Great ideas–I especially like the haunted house pumpkin. Have googled the heat knife but have not found one that looks like the one you used. Could you please let us know where you got it? Thanks in advance!

    • says

      Thanks, Beth! The heat knife is from Michael’s Craft Store, and it is amazing!!! Cuts like butter!

  5. says

    These are so adorable! I love them all. Where did you get the orange buttons?

  6. says

    These are adorable. I love them all! Where did you get your orange buttons?

  7. says

    Love the button pumpkin! I just painted dots on a mini pumpkin but now I think I know what to use my orange buttons for!

    (I’m here via The Cottage Market.)

  8. says

    So cute. I love the skeleton funkin. Gave me a giggle. Hope to find a heat knife at Michaels, I’ve never used one. Thanks for posting.

  9. says

    Hi Jessica! I love these SOOO much, they look fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing – pinning and sharing! Hope you had a fantastic weekend and happy Monday!

  10. says

    Jessica, I love the haunted house pumpkin!! I wonder if it would be too hard to do with a real pumpkin? I’ve got to beat my husband this year and he’s already plotting how to carve his! Pinned! XO

    • says

      Thanks, Christy! I bet it would be pretty easy…if you do it, send me a pic! I would love to see it!!

  11. says

    Jessica these are all so much fun! I love them! I just made a button pumpkin last week but we’ll see if I ever get a chance to post it before next year. lol Pinning! xo

  12. says

    We are really late at carving this year and just started today, but when we tried to cut into our pumpkins, they were so hard that we could barely get our sharpest knife in them! I’m so disappointed…I really wanted to use your pumpkin for inspiration. I ended up drilling a bunch of holes in mine instead boo!

  13. says

    Love these cute pumpkins! My favorite is the little one with the buttons and bow! Thanks for linking up to the “Get Your DIY On” link up party! Come on back on Sunday for our burlap challenge!

  14. says

    Jessica, thanks so much for sharing these at our Get Your DIY on party! I’ll be featuring them tonight! Our sixteen week challenge has a weekly theme and tonight’s new theme is burlap. I’d love for you to join us again, the fun starts at 7:00 EST :)


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