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Organized Project Planning by Just a Girl and Her Blog

Hi again, Mom 4 Real readers! It’s Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog here, and I’m so excited to share another fun organizing printable with you today! Something about the warmer spring weather sends me into project mode, and I always have a big list of things that I’m working on. To help myself stay organized this year, I created a printable to use when I start each project so that I can compile all of the information I need in one spot.

Organized Project Planning by Just a Girl and Her Blog

A few days ago on my blog, I introduced the home office/craft room makeover I’m going to be starting, for example. While I was thinking about everything I wanted to do with the space, my mind was reeling with storage pieces I’d need to buy, DIY projects I wanted to complete, accessories to use– so much info! This printable allowed me to organize all of my ideas on paper and categorize them so I could easily see what needed to be done.

The top of the printable has space to jot down everything I need to do for the project, things I need to buy, and people I will need to contact, along with their contact info.

Organized Project Planning by Just a Girl and Her Blog

At the bottom of the page, I left room for tracking our expenses to make sure we’re staying under budget {my hubby is especially thankful for this part ;) }, and an area for notes to catch miscellaneous thoughts and ideas.

Organized Project Planning by Just a Girl and Her Blog

{Click here to download FREE project planning printable!}

I love that everything is all in one place as opposed to random notes scattered about everywhere, and this printable helps me see exactly what needs to be done so I can always be working on the next steps. {Plus, am I the only one who is more productive when I’m using a cute little organizer?! True confessions! :) }

So if you have some spring or summer projects planned, be sure to print off a few copies of this printable and get organizing! Hopefully it will help make the process go a lot more smoothly, and who doesn’t want that!?

Thanks again to Jessica for having me for a visit on her amazing blog, and thank you for reading! If you’re searching for more organizational printables, come see me at Just a Girl and Her Blog! This past month I shared a time tracking printable that I use to help me be more productive…

Take Control of Your Time by Just a Girl and Her Blog

And I also spilled some of my secrets and talked a little bit about the programs I use to create all of my printables. {And guess what? Most of them are easy enough for anyone to catch on to!}

Just a Girl and Her Blog's Guide to Useful Graphic Design Programs at

Hope you have a wonderful week! Have fun with those projects!

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