Pretty DIY Ribbon Ombre Bracelet

Hi lovely Mom 4 Real readers! I’m Chelsea from Making Home Base, and I’m so excited to be back sharing a sweet and girly project with you today! This is the perfect project to add to your little girl’s Easter basket or to wear yourself.

Pretty DIY Ribbon Ombre Bracelet

I am in love with the ombre trend. I see it everywhere I go and I can’t get enough. I even saw a pair of coral ombre pants at a clothing store recently and I was really tempted to buy them. I refrained because I’m not sure if I’m quite stylish enough to pull them off. So going for a more subtle look, I whipped up this bracelet and I do feel comfortable wearing it.

You can make your own DIY pretty ribbon ombre bracelet too!

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsc8f27476.jpg

Supplies you’ll need:


Round Wood Beads (5/8 in.)

Acrylic Paint (in several shades)


Yarn Needle

Fray Check (optional)


Figure out how many beads you’ll need to paint by measuring your (or your model’s) wrist. For my (fairly small) wrist, I needed 12 beads.

I decided to do three shades of pink. I used three different shades of Martha Stewart paints because I had them on hand but you can easily fade a paint color by adding a few drops of white paint.

I painted four beads of each color. It took two coats to get full coverage. After painting all the beads, you’ll want to seal them to ensure durability.

 photo makinghomebasediyombrebracelet_zpsd721b2b0.jpg

After allowing the beads to dry, using a yarn needle string your beads onto the ribbon leaving plenty of slack for tying.

 photo OmbreBracelet_zps1c3dd311.jpg

Tie a double knot at the end of each side of your bracelet and trim the ribbon about three to four inches (for tying the bow).

 photo DIYOmbreBraceletMakingHomeBase_zps32dbf2f2.jpg

After trimming the ribbon, I applied a little fray check to keep the ribbon from fraying. Now all you have to do it tie it on your wrist and show it off!

 photo MakingHomeBaseWoodBeadPaintedOmbreBracelet_zps62e3dae0.jpg

What do you think? Cute right? I can totally see this as a darling accessory for an Easter outfit, or a sweet gift for a little girl’s Easter basket!

I want to give Jess a huge thanks for having me, I always love visiting with you all. Happy Easter!

The Dreamsicle Sisters used paint and wooden beads to make a painted bead necklace as well!

Doesn’t Chelsea have some mad crafting skills?

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Thank you so much for sharing!




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